Monday, October 30, 2017

Still Kicking, well not so much...

Greetings friends

Back again to update the fitness quest for 2017.  It's been an up and down year for me fitness wise.  I have had a couple of back injuries that have sidelined me for weeks at a time. Also had some other medical issues pop up that kept me down for a while. Yet I am back at it again and this morning I had a great workout!  NEVER GIVE UP!!! So I started with jumping jacks, well here's a list of what I did.

1. Jumping Jacks (35)

2. Squats (20)

3. Lunges (20)

4. Mountain Climbers (20)

5. Plank (30 seconds)

6. Crunches (50)

Repeat: 3X

I did 15 jumping jacks between each exercise and finished with stretching..

Needless to say this was a killer workout. It is non stop for 10 minutes.  I will continue to do this till the end of the year.  I should be at a good place when next year begins.  If all goes well I will also try some cross fit next year.

Lately, my chiropractor has been after me to stop rolling, falling and flipping in Aikido.  If I do as she asks I will basically have to give up Aikido as you can not really do much without said actions.  I have decided that I should take her advice so I will be giving it up.  I still may go to class from time to time and help instruct.

I will continue Combat Hapkido until I get my 3rd dan then I will have to decide how to move forward  from there.



Monday, August 21, 2017

The Eclipse!

Today is Monday, August 21st, 2017.

The Solar Eclipse is the talk of the town today even more so than the latest misstatements of Trump or any other politician on either side.  I'm sure the media will get right back on that mission as soon as the eclipse is past.  I must admit I find it interesting and I have made a box to watch the eclipse through but I am not going to drive to the place where I can see it in totality.  I'll leave that to those who are more excited than I am.

I suppose there will be some who take advantage of the premature darkness and cause some kind of calamity such as tearing down a statue that they find offensive.  I seem to remember someone said not too long ago that her and her husband had to "Change History" to achieve their goals.  I suppose eradicating statues and plaques that you find offensive is one way of doing that.

In the meantime I will continue on working and living my life in a way that is positive and not causing problems for others whether I agree or disagree with their ideology.

It has been a very busy summer for me and I have once again neglected this blog. I have been maintaining a good weight at 175 and I was working out pretty hard every morning until a couple of weeks ago when I was once again sidelined with a back issue.  I am on the mend and hope to finish strong this year as my fitness quest continues!

By the way, I bought an Indian motorcycle in the spring and I am enjoying it allot! I have plans to make some trips in the fall up to the parkway and beyond.  So far I have only had time to do one ride of any consequence which was to Chesnee, SC.  Went to a great antique bike show there.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Fitness Quest - Fitness Challenge

I like the word quest, it conjurs up visions of epic adventures and the conquering of foes.  I suppose that's because I grew up reading heroic fantasy novels and comic books. Yet in this case my quest is to step outside of my comfort zone and see how far I can push myself.  I am in some ways entering the realm of the unknown by pushing harder than ever before as I work out and try to achieve epic results!  It all started many years ago when I saw this picture...

I was barely 50 when I saw this and it was startling to me.  At first I thought it was photoshopped but as I researched I found it was the real thing.  At that point it was simple, if HE can do it, I can do it.. So back in 2014 I started my first year long quest.  I was doing well for a few months and was in great shape until I hurt my back.  It was not long before I fell back into the same old habits of not exercising enough and eating all the wrong things.

It took me until late 2016 to get my mind right (and my back) again and I began working out every morning and pushing myself a little further than before.  I created a good foundation to start my new quest for 2017.  It hit me in Feb., that I was doing so well it was time to step it up and I began my 100 push up a day challenge. Honestly I had no idea if I could pull this off but I have managed to stay true to the course and the challenge is now almost complete.  

Once I get into April I will come up with a brand new challenge for May.  Hopefully I can continue this all year and by December I will be closer than ever to crashing through any so called limitations and moving beyond what we consider normal for our age group.  I will be 56 in June and I want to prove to myself that I have no limitations once I set my mind to a quest.

One final thought.  Since I began this challenge I have posted my results on FB each day as I try and crack the 100 pushups in two minutes barrier.  I know some folks may think I am trying to brag about this or that but my true goal is to inspire.  It's not often people my age take on a challenge like this, at least most of the people I know.  I want to inspire at least one person to get in better shape, eat healthier and live longer.  If I do that my journey is all the more sweeter.  

At 56 I know over half my life is over and I am going to live it to the FULLEST!!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Challenge update!

If you were here last time I posted you know that I began a 100 pushup a day challenge! I started on Feb. 27th so today marks day 17 of the challenge.  I am happy to report that I have stayed true to the course only taking one rest day (last Sunday). So, I have done 1600 pushups in the last 17 days. I added 100 crunches to the mix about 5 days ago and I also stretch and warm up with jumping jacks each morning before and after the routine. I've got to tell you I am feeling pretty good about this.  I feel stronger and although I have had some pain I have fought through it.  I am looking forward to completing this challenge and moving on to the next one which I think will be squats.  Cannot neglect the legs!!! I have managed to clock in under 4 mins twice the past few days and I am hoping to get down to 3 minutes soon.

Now onto other news.  I have been asked by a Shotokan Karate Sensei I know to help with a Self Defense class for women in Stallings NC at the Carolina Martial Arts gym I used to belong to. I am going tonight and meeting my friend April there.  She is one of our Aikido students who made it to brown belt. Hopefully having her there to demonstrate some of the techniques on me will make the women feel more comfortable.  Not sure what to expect but I think it is worth a try.

 Well that's it for now, must get ready to go to work!

Have a blessed day!